Things happen when you least expect it...

At Affinity our qualified staff are able to go through the all of the General insurance options available to you.

General insurance covers events that may or may not happen, such as accident, fire or theft, as opposed to life assurance, which covers an event that will definitely happen sooner or later, such as retirement or death.

The aim of taking out any insurance policy is to compensate you following a loss so that you are, in general, as well off - but no better off - than you were before the loss occurred.

When obtaining a Mortgage we are all required by law to have some insurance in place - this usually manifests itself within the General Insurance area in Building Insurance - however as a firm we will always recommend a policy that will suit our clients demands and tailored individually to our clients needs.

We use a range of insurers to make sure that our clients reicve the best value for money via Affinity Mortgages - call us now to see how much you could save....