Providing individual mortgage advice; unique to you

Obtaining a new mortgage can be a daunting experience - but at Affinity we do things slightly differently....... 

  • Delve into your world - we find out everything we need to know to ascertain the reasons that our clients are obtaining the new mortgage and will base our recommendations to them around this.
  • We make sure that the new mortgage is fully affordable to our clients.
  • We try to cut down the time that our clients pay their mortgages for.
  • Our advice is free from jargon
  • We make sure that the process of borrowing money is made as simple as possible by obtaining the right information the first time around.

It is for this very reason that impartial advice is critical from competent and qualified advisers. 

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage, purchase a second home or looking to invest in a rental property. This is where our advisers excel.

Be reassured that our style is to guarantee reliable mortgage advice appropriate to any individual that makes contact with us.