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At Affinity we understand that any business, large or small, can face the unexpected at any time. Whether this is through loss of a key person or a shareholder, our business protection advisors are on hand to provide you with the best possible solution for your business needs.

Business Protection

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Whether you're taking your first steps in business, or you’re a bit of a tycoon, Affinity Business Protection has the expertise to offer advice that ensures you’re cover never falls short and that you never end up paying over the odds. Contact our advisors for quality advice on business protection insurance.

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If you need some advice about insuring your business, don’t struggle in the dark. Contact us, and we’ll help you to find the ideal solution. We can even help you out with the application process.

business protection application quick guide

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we will collect your information
We collate all the information you provide to form a solid basis for our research into the most suitable Business Protection Insurance policy.
we’ll contact you to learn about your requirements
Either over the phone or in person, we’ll get to know you and decide on the kind of policy that will suit your business needs.
we search providers to identify the ideal product
Affinity searches a broader range of providers than most of the big brokers out there. You can trust us to find the best deal on the market right now.
we will apply to the insurer on your behalf
Small mistakes in the application could invalidate the policy if it ever comes to making a claim. With Affinity’s help, those dangers are avoided.

most common faqs

Who is a key person within my business?

A key person is anyone whom you believe is essential to the day-to-day running of the business. Not only someone who generates the most profits but someone who is integral within the business and without them being around the business would suffer.

What companies can apply for shareholder protection?

Shareholder protection can only be taken out by limited companies.

Can I protect my business assets and loans?

Yes, business loan protection can be used to cover any liabilities or debts that the business own. The business covers the loan amount as a lump sum, so if a business owner passes away then the loans or liabilities would be paid off.

What is the difference between relevant life cover and normal life cover?

Relevant life cover is owned by the individual but paid for by the company. Life cover is owned by the individual and paid for by the individual.

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Setting our clients on their way with the ideal financial product is what gives us the warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done. And our clients seem to appreciate it too.

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