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Commercial Finance, whether that’s a short term loan or a longer term arrangement, is typically used by businesses to aid cashflow or strengthen infrastructure. Lenders will usually require substantial assurances, but once in place, Commercial Finance be invaluable to business growth and continuity.

Commercial Finance

applying for commercial finance

With potential lenders in place, you can decide whether or not you’re confident in putting forward a business case for investment. If not, our advisers can step in to help you secure the investment you need.

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commercial finance

Affinity can help find a reliable business lender for your circumstances. If you’re ready to talk to us about your Commercial Finance requirements, get in touch

commercial finance application quick guide

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have your accounts in good shape and readily available
It’s great to have your accounts in good shape and readily available. Any business information you share with us will be treated safely and confidentially.
have a solid plan in place about how the finance will be deployed
Share your plans with us about how the finance will be deployed, either in person or over the phone, and we’ll determine the finance product to suit your business needs.
be able to demonstrate business projections concerning how the investment will affect revenue
We will scour the commercial finance market and identify a commercial finance package that will help you achieve your business goals.

most common faqs

What kinds of documentation will I need to produce for a commercial finance application?

This will vary depending on each individual case. Your mortgage broker will provide you with a shopping list of required documents at the outset and as the case progresses. It is often preferable for us, with your consent, to have direct dialogue with your professional advisors such as your accountant and/or solicitor. By liaising directly with your advisors we can take some of the leg work off your desk.

What factors will affect the interest rate I pay for commercial finance?

Your mortgage broker will always aim to source the cheapest rate available across the entire market under your circumstances, whilst also considering other factors such as lenders appetite for certain deals and geographical areas, yours and your business’s credit history and deposit/equity funds available. This list is not exhaustive, however, and there are many more factors to be considered. Your broker will always explain the reasoning behind the lender chosen and an indication of where the pricing sits across the market.

My company is under 2 yrs old, is it likely to be eligible for commercial finance?

Lenders do like companies to be trading for as long a period as possible, but we have lenders who will look a case on very much an individual basis - so no, not necessarily.

Are low interest loans available to businesses?

It’s hard to quantify what a low interest rate loan would look like at any given time as prices can fluctuate, but a broad range of these types of financial products are available. Rest assured our task is to find the best and usually the cheapest option for our clients!

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