life and critical illness insurance

The diagnosis of a serious, or even critical illness will have a grave impact on you and your family, but it could also have devastating consequences for your finances. Affinity can act as your adviser to help you make sure that money troubles are taken out of the equation with suitable life and critical illness cover.

Life and critical illness insurance

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At Affinity, we recognise that different people take different approaches. If you prefer to dot your own ‘I’s and cross your own ‘T’s, feel free to submit your own application here. Or, if you’d prefer to let us look after your life and critical illness insurance application, click 'get started' to share your details and we'll give you a call - we can’t turn up to a medical for you, but we’ll do our best to look after everything else!

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If you’d prefer Affinity to take the strain, we’ll personally take you through each stage of the process.

life and critical illness insurance application quick guide

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we will collect your information
Any information you are able to provide at the outset is collated securely and confidentially to help with our search
we’ll contact you to learn about your requirements
We follow up with a friendly chat, either in person or on the phone, where we can determine the type of cover your require
we search the market to identify the ideal policy
Next is the stage where Affinity truly excels – searching thousands of products on the market right now to pick out the perfect one for your needs
we will apply to the insurer on your behalf
Applying for insurance is hardly thrilling, but it can prove vital. Let us oversee the application and you can avoid costly mistakes.

most common faqs

Will I need to undergo a medical examination for life and critical illness insurance?

This is not always the case. Subject to your age, amount of cover and general health, the insurers may require further evidence before they can offer terms. This can be completed by either an additional telephone interview, nurse visit or a targeted report from your GP.

What factors will affect the kind of life and critical illness insurance policy I can qualify for?

Insurers will look at a number of factors before offering cover. Every provider is different, which is why it is best to speak with one of our advisers who can choose the best insurer for your circumstances. Some of the main factors will be age, occupation type, general health, smoker status and dangerous hobbies or pastimes. Once terms have been offered by the insurer and a monthly premium is agreed, that is the price you will pay each month for the life of the policy, should you choose a guaranteed premium.

What constitutes critical illness?

A critical illness is not necessarily a life threatening condition, but in most cases life changing. Each insurer has a list of different definitions, meaning some will cover certain conditions, whilst others may not. Speak to one of our advisers to find out which critical illness plan is best suited for you.

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Your teacher was wrong. You don’t have to apply yourself. If time is short, let us do what we’re good at. We’ll fill out all the forms without making any of those easy-to-make mistakes that can cause delays or even cause an application to be rejected.

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complete flexibility.

Nothing is set in stone, both in terms of how we approach finding the right deal for you – or the deal itself. If we can change anything up to make it more suitable to you, we’ll do it.

experienced, dynamic advisors.

When you contact us, it’s not an intelligent algorithm that’s replying to you – it’s an intelligent human. We’ll be up close and personal throughout your process.

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Setting our clients on their way with the ideal financial product is what gives us the warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done. And our clients seem to appreciate it too.

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