private medical insurance

Private health insurance ensures that you receive medical treatment promptly and that you have a much wider choice when it comes to where, when and how you are treated. Whether you are looking for personal cover or a family policy, as your medical insurance brokers, Affinity Mortgages will find the ideal cover.

Private medical insurance

two ways to apply.

When Affinity has found the right cover, you may feel confident in preparing your own private medical insurance application. If not, there’s Affinity Connect - we can’t turn up to a medical for you, but we’ll do our best to look after everything else!

why use affinity connect?

complete your own application with affinity online

If you’re confident about completing a successful income protection insurance application by yourself, then let’s get straight down to it…

let us guide you with affinity connect

If you’d prefer Affinity to take the strain, we’ll personally take you through each stage of the process.

private medical insurance application quick guide

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we will review your information
We appreciate that some of the information you provide may be sensitive. We treat all data with the utmost security and confidentiality
we’ll contact you to learn about your requirements
You can either visit us in person, or we’ll chat over the phone to discover the kind of cover that is going to be most suitable
we search ideal providers to identify the ideal product
Our knowledge of the market comes into play as we scan the entire range of private medical cover the market has to offer

most common faqs

Will I need to make any lifestyle changes prior to my application for private medical insurance?

We would always encourage not only our clients but everyone to make positive lifestyle changes but insurers will always judge any application on not just recent but also historical data - so, yes, any positive changes are good, but wont always reflect the premium.

Will I need to undergo a medical examination to receive private medical insurance?

Providing you have no pre-existing conditions when you take out a plan, there will be no medical examination. However, should you have a pre-existing condition, you may be asked further questions about your health, and in some cases the insurance provider will contact your GP.

How much will my private medical insurance policy pay out?

A medical insurance policy will cover all inpatient and day patient treatments in full. This includes diagnostic tests; consultant fees and hospital fees.


Increased levels of cover can be added at your discretion. Outpatient treatment can be covered up to a chosen amount, or you can choose full cover for outpatient treatment and diagnostic tests.

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affinity connect

Your teacher was wrong. You don’t have to apply yourself. If time is short, let us do what we’re good at. We’ll fill out all the forms without making any of those easy-to-make mistakes that can cause delays or even cause an application to be rejected.

affinity connect
complete flexibility

complete flexibility.

Nothing is set in stone, both in terms of how we approach finding the right deal for you – or the deal itself. If we can change anything up to make it more suitable to you, we’ll do it.

experienced, dynamic advisors.

When you contact us, it’s not an intelligent algorithm that’s replying to you – it’s an intelligent human. We’ll be up close and personal throughout your process.

experienced, dynamic advisors

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Shel Parker 5* review

Shel Parker

trustpilot review

5* experience and service from start to finish!!!!

Affinity Mortgages are an approachable, friendly team of people that go over and above to make the whole process of buying a house a pleasant one. I recommend them to anyone and everyone considering buying a house or remortgaging. I can’t speak highly enough!!!!

Ryan Love 5* review

Ryan Love

trustpilot review

Great company, highly recommended

A really great company with highly skilled and friendly people. It was my first mortgage, and the advice I was given was invaluable to me. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Tony Wooster 5* review

Tony Wooster

trustpilot review

Very Professional

Very professional, nothing is too much trouble for them, went through everything in a manner I could understand and very detailed. Got me a very competitive deal and would definitely use them again.

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